Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today my dad and I decided that we need a new TV. We went to Gallery Furniture, which is a discount furniture warehouse place, and bought a 52 inch LCD flatscreen. It's HUGE (that's what she said)! We also bought a BlueRay/HD DVD player. It plays everything, and was - no, shut up - a worthy investment.
There's only one Gallery Furniture in the world, and it's in Houston, Texas. Its advertisements always feature its creator, Mattress Mack, waving a bunch of money. His motto is, "Gallery Furniture, SAVES. YOU. MONEY. TODAYYYY!!!" They have this fantastic policy of same-day delivery. And their delivery guys will take away/move your old TV! And they don't accept tips. Somehow I'm prone to thinking non-tip-accepting establishments are just a liiiiiiittle classier than the other kind. With their Tips. And their Accepting.
Don't you dare get me wrong; I've worked for tips before and they RULE. I mean, tips are fucking awesome. I was just speaking before from the consumer's point of view. Where tips are accepted, I like to be generous. Wow...backpedaling.
Anyway, I watched the 5th Element on Blue Ray tonight, and BOY, BRUCE WILLIS IS HOT. He's even hotter close up! His pores are DEAD SEXY. So is that supreme-being alien chick who only speaks gibberish. Who played her? WHO CARES, SHE'S SEXY TOO.

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