Friday, June 15, 2007

Slowly I Return

So, it's been a couple of days since I last wrote...I've just been hanging out at Shem's apartment.

I'm kind of embarassed about how long it's taking Kyle and me to find our own place in the city, but apparently this is par for the course when one of a certain tax bracket moves into the city; all his or her friends offer up their floors, cars, and low-budget meal options. Shem is letting us stay with him because when he first moved to the city, he slept on someone's floor for a long time. And yesterday, a pair of Kyle's friends from college (Dave and Mandy, who are now married to each other) took us out to a kind of expensive meal. Kyle and I were too drunk and full to do much about it other than protest weakly, but they said that when they came to LA, they didn't pay for a meal out for like five months, and that it made them feel good to pass it along. I know exactly what they mean.

In other news, I'm finally going to start my work at the magazine tomorrow. I'm going to be interning (don't know what that means) and doing product reviews. All of this excites me. However, it will be an unpaid gig for a time, which means that I'm *SIGH* applying for yet another position in retail soon. Shem has a friend who manages the new BCBG store on Melrose, which I hope leads to something concrete because it apparently pays well. Mama needs a new iPod.

Today I saw Knocked Up, which is just as awesome as I wanted it to be. The 40-year-old Virgin had a brain all along, Knocked Up had courage. After the movie, Kyle and I had a funnel cake, which was absolutely DELICIOUS. Kyle had never had one before, can you believe that? on an island has its downsides.

Anyway, it's 11 now and I have to get up at a reasonable hour tomorrow (

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