Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hey! Nevermind!

First of all, I have a burning question to ask about self-cleaning ovens. How do they work? Do they just burn the crap that's caked on the bottom of the oven from your last cooking disaster? And what's wrong with using that oven-cleaner spray on self-cleaning ovens? Okay, maybe that was several not-so-burning questions.

More importantly, Kyle and I took the bus down to Hollywood Blvd. again and ate lunch in a Mexican restaurant. He was impressed by my approving lingo when I had my burrito: "this ain't none of that fake pico shit." I was talking about the pico de gallo, and referring to pico de gallo as "pico" (which I picked up from Robert, by the way) is what naturally happens when you grow up eating authentic Mexican food. So we ate at the Mexican restaurant and looked at all the sex shops and the stars in the ground. Then I took the bus back to Shem's apartment all by myself! Speaking of Shem, he's Kyle's friend/distant cousin from the island where they both grew up, but I think I should include a cast list or something so readers that aren't me know who everyone is.

The only shows on TV right now is Star Trek, BattleStar Gallactica and an informercial for a home-improvement tool. But actually, this home-improvement tool is actually 6 professional power tools in one! It has a sander, a de-grouting thing, a carpet-cutter thing, and...and...I'm not even sure what the rest of these things do. But it's very compelling TV. I've been watching for about half an hour now...I mean, I'm convinced.

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