Monday, August 4, 2008

Sorry for all the posts but...I'm stupid.

Here's the trailer for Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

I really want to like this movie (Michael Cera! And that girl from 40 Year Old Virgin - the one that made me say, "that girl is SO CUTE, where did she go?"), but the entertainment industry is making it SO HARD. Stop with the orange hand-lettering, for the love of Jesus. Also, that Jesus joke wasn't all that funny. "He's taller in real life?" I hate you.


Rolling Meme said...

It's hard to explain this. Objectively, it looks better than Date Movie or Disaster Movie or that shit, but this (and the title itself) makes me want to jam needles in my dick.

So to speak.

I guess I would see this if a lot of my friends wanted to see it, but mainly it just makes me feel bad for Michael Cera and the big boobs girl from 40 Year-Old Virgin.

Priya said...

On further inspection, the hand-lettering isn't orange. BUT Harold from Harold and Kumar's Annoying Adventures is in this. I think.

Infinite Playlist: 1
Priya: 1

So...back to 0. I get the feeling I'll be doing this a lot as I try to decide whether to see this.

Also, why are you posting? Shouldn't you be off eating awesome food/ looking out the window of your amazing hotel suite AND TAKING PICTURES TO SHOW THE REST OF US MORTALS/ fuckin' your bride (and taking pictures to show, etc etc), posting on YOUR OWN blog?