Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Blog Post

One thing about living in a hurricane-prone city is that you get used to the newscaster hype. Even's "Hurricane Ike will produce a life-threatening surge on the SE Texas and SW La. coast" can't impress us. We go about business as usual, and when it does finally rain, we stay inside and text message each other about how lame hurricanes are. Then, when the storm has passed on to calmer waters, we have...A HURRICANE PARTY!! It's also necessary to qualify everything with "Hurricane". Like, we're going to a Hurricane Party! Last night I had a Hurricane Nap. Today I'm going to have a Hurricane Shower.

And that's why I'm ready for Ike. DO YOUR WORST!

To celebrate the coming "apocalypse", I am now sharing my favourite scene from Freaks and Geeks.


L said...

A few days ago, after reading some predictions about Ike, John approached me with the suggestion that we "evacuate" to Plano. I can't remember precisely, but I think I laughed. And then I said "no."

I really hope everyone and their houses come out alright - I know my neighborhood is really well elevated, so I'm more concerned about trees falling than the flooding. Same for your place, cuz y'all have some pretty old trees. I'm especially concerned about Marion's area of town, because I'm pretty sure that area floods easily. And I hope Jordan's ok since she's pretty close to the bayou (I think?).

I kind of wish I was in Houston for this, but on the other hand I have a kitten sleeping in my lap and plans to bake chocolate chip cookies later. They can be Hurricane Cookies!

Priya said...

1. John wanted to evacuate from Austin? HAHAHAHAHAHA.

2. Dude, plans to bake cookies later? You are TOO married. And you need a job. Hahaha. But that will not keep me from making the following suggestion: your Hurricane cookies should be the shape of clouds, or raindrops! GET IT?