Friday, October 3, 2008

Favourite Conversation From Yesterday

Marion: Hey Priya, how was class today?

Priya: It was awesome! I took part in a really great conversation in my Literary Criticism class. I ROCKED the conversation, actually. I made an honest woman out of that conversation.

Marion (not sure what any of that means): Oh really?

Priya: FUCK YEAH. You know those moments in class when the prof or another student says something totally mind-blowing and everyone has a physical, vocal reaction to it? They all say, "whoa" totally involuntarily and start writing furiously?

Marion (interested now): Yeah?

Priya: Yeah. That was me. I SAID THAT THING that made everyone so excited.

Marion (impressed, rightly so): What were you guys talking about?

Priya: Deconstruction.

Marion: ...

Priya: Stop looking at me like that.

Marion: You are so in college right now.

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