Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tales of Mere Existence

Marion exposed me to this YouTube guy who posts little videos of banal experiences of his life, illustrated on paper bags (or something). They're really funny and sometimes poignant. This one really struck a chord:

People who have met my mom will know that another of her favourite things to do is Convince You To Eat.

Mom: "Are you kids hungry?"

Priya: "No thanks, Mom! We ate."

Mom: "We have some chicken here, I just grilled it. It's delicious. It's really very moist. It's tender, too. I used Italian herbs."

Priya: "Really, thanks. But I think we're good. We literally just drove over here from dinner."

Mom: "Let your friends talk. Are you girls hungry?"

Marion: ", but thanks very much, we're really full. We might eat something later."

Mom: "Okay, we have this chicken, we have some steak in the fridge from last night, we have pierogies, we have roti, I could make you girls some quesadillas, we have ribs. Are you thirsty?"

Lauren: "No, thank you." *holds up bottle of water*

Mom: "Well if you get thirsty later we have Fiji water, Ozarka water, we have these little water pods, we have Coke, we have diet Coke, we have diet Coke without caffine, we have Sprite, we have diet Sprite, we have Mountain Dew, we have coffee, tea, do you take sugar in your coffee? How about milk? We have 2%, whole milk, and skim milk."

Priya (starting to feel queasy): "Mom. We're good."


Marion (intimidated): "we're okay!"

Lauren (very intimidated): "Thank you very much!"

Priya (on the verge of tears): "We're not hungry!"

Mom: "We have some bananas, watermelon, grapes, peaches, pears, plums, tomatoes - do you like tomatoes with salt?"

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