Sunday, November 2, 2008

Well, Alright

Other than a set of happy accidents last night when I crossed paths with a couple of people with whom I attended high school, my weekend has been extremely uneventful. That's a good thing, though. For the last two weeks I have been operating in a state of controlled panic - studying for the Economics midterm and writing a paper for that same class - and I have nothing of importance due tomorrow. So I kicked back and didn't think too hard. I mostly watched a ton of back episodes of Law and Order: SVU. I'm so stoked on that show it's ridiculous.
As Ken (from Forgetting Sarah Marshall) would say, "when they mix the sexuality...and the violence...I like it!" Hahaha. Seriously though, I just have a girl crush on Mariska Hargitay. And I also love it when previously rock-solid defense witnesses fall apart on the stand and implicate themselves in court. LOVE THAT.

Daylight Savings didn't really affect me last night - I'm awake when the clocks get set back every year so I don't feel like I get the benefit of the extra hour of sleep. It's when they set the clocks ahead that I get screwed; as though my understanding of the passage of time weren't tenuous enough. I can never tell if I'm running late or early - last year I went to work an hour early because I forgot to set my alarm differently and none of the buses had changed their clocks yet. I made it all the way to work before realizing that anything was amiss. Dammit! When I called T-Mobile (the only people I could think to call who might know anything objective about the time changes), the guy on the other end started railing against President Bush. Apparently he had something to do with the ineffectiveness of switching the clocks ahead last year...not that I know anything about that other than the fact that I was unusually tired.

I went to grab dinner with my brother just now, and the guy who was serving us asked if we were excited for Tuesday. I gave him a blank stare until I realized that ROCK THE VOTE! event is on Tuesday. I lied and said yes, I was very excited about it (lied because I'm a Canadian citizen). He asked me who I was voting for. I told him who I would have voted for, had I the right, and he smiled approvingly. I thought it was gauche to ask someone who they were voting for, and I would think that - despite improved visibility of this country's politics - that would hold especially true in a controversial year like this one. Is that right, or is that assumption just another manifestation of my pathological need for privacy?

In other news, I'm confused about NaBloPoMo posting, so if any other bloggers reading this are participating in NaBloPoMo: am I supposed to copy and paste all my entries into the Ning profile that Eden has set up? Or am I just supposed to post here? Where should I find this information in the future? Also: WTF?

My dad just brought home Journey to the Center of the Earth on Blu-Ray. He's really excited about it because it comes with 3D glasses. I'm pretty sure this movie is going to be so horrible, but at the same time...this does mean an hour and 1/2 of Brendan Fraser in 3D, in my living room. I guess you could say that I'm amenable.

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L said...

1) who did you run into?

2) i remember reading that you can just post here, on your own blog, and it will count.