Thursday, December 11, 2008

Luddite Unite

So I wouldn't say that I'm a Luddite in the sense that I hate technology, I'm more of a Luddite in the sense that technology keeps advancing and that's incredibly frustrating because I can only be bothered to learn like two or three new technology-related concepts a year. BUT sometimes it can be super fun too, and give you a lot to think about. For example, Marion went to Massachusetts today to visit her friend Tom, and we decided that we should try using video GChat. It works pretty well. And since I was so stoked on that, I decided that I would take a video of us using GChat. So here is a video of us video-chatting, or whatever you call it.

Meta Video from Priya on Vimeo

Yeah, we're pretty much watching the music video for "Total Eclipse of the Heart". In unison. Before I started filming we were singing and dancing to it, too.

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