Monday, March 30, 2009

I hope that by posting this, I'm enacting a Big Jinx

mackin: and My mom got to meet david hyde peirce
mackin: she's a big frasier fan

PortablePriya: FRASIER!
PortablePriya: i like frasier, too

mackin: I bought her a season of it for christmas one year
mackin: she's not good with tv on DVD apparently
mackin: i don't think she ever watched them

PortablePriya: hahahaha!
PortablePriya: parents somehow don't get the point of that

mackin: destroyed my sad attempt at years of easy gifts

PortablePriya: hahaha

mackin: probably a good thing

PortablePriya: yeah really...i mean, you'd eventually run out

mackin: no its freakin shallow

PortablePriya: there's frasier, mad about you, and, like, this old house

mackin: its my mom for crying out loud

PortablePriya: and then you'd be out

mackin: yeah but my parents watch this old house on saturdays

PortablePriya: haha true, i guess i don't really know what that's like since i don't have a mom
PortablePriya: oh my god i don't know why i said that
PortablePriya: i have a mom

mackin: ????????????????????????????

PortablePriya: i meant to say that we don't really celebrate christmas

mackin: haha

PortablePriya: oh my god

mackin: that was horrible by the way

PortablePriya: i know

mackin: I was like shit
mackin: good thing i didn't make a your mom joke

PortablePriya: i kind of toyed with doing that, and instead of deleting it i SENT IT