Friday, March 27, 2009

SXSW Dos and Don'ts!

Hey guys, here are a few videos and advice from SXSW 2K9!

Here's a video of Robert, who was a volunteer at SXSW this year. He quite enjoyed it. He also enjoyed getting married to John this summer!

OH JOHN from Priya on Vimeo.

  • Bring sneakers! Wear them!

  • Take the bus in Austin if at all possible. It's super cheap, and the day pass lasts for 24 hours from the time of purchase - it doesn't run out at 3AM like the ones in LA do.

  • Go to panels, if you paid for it. I know you have to get up in the morning, but, even if you're not an industry professional, you can learn LOTS of really neat stuff.

  • Wear something with protected pockets.

  • Write down your schedule (include the address of each venue).

  • Double- or triple-book yourself, and list your plans in order of how much you want to see each act/panel/exhibition.

  • Take walking distance between venues into account. Yes, they're all close together, but not THAT close.

  • Research bands that you don't know yet - even if it's just by genre. The whole point is to make discoveries!

  • RSVP to parties and make note of when and where they are. They're good for free food and drinks, and clean(ish) bathrooms.

  • Document your trip in as much detail as possible! I tweeted, journaled, filmed and blogged (in my Blackberry - that's actually where this list is coming from).

  • Mingle with strangers: you will get helpful tips, entertainment, and commiseration.

  • Get a pedicure when you get home. It will be WORTH IT.

  • Here's a video of Kyle, Lauren, Marion and I eating lunch at the Mellow Mushroom last Tuesday.

    At the Mellow Mushroom from Priya on Vimeo.

  • Bring a purse. Marion did and she seemed to get on okay, but I was glad to have one less thing to worry about.

  • Have more than a few important things on your person at a time. It'll give you less to think about during a show so you can be in the moment and enjoy your surroundings. My important things were: phone, video camera, ID and money. And sunglasses.

  • Be a fashion victim! Be realistic about weather changes throughout the day and - this bears repeating - WEAR SENSIBLE SHOES!

  • Get a manicure before you go. That is so not rock n' roll at all, and it will make you like those girls you'll inevitably see staggering around in short skirts and 5 inch heels, looking puffy and thinking they're quite impressive.

  • Get uppity with volunteers. They have the power to do you major favors if you are polite.

  • Here's a parade of Assholes in downtown Austin.

    OH JOHN from Priya on Vimeo.

    HAHA! Just kidding. That was an accident; here are the Assholes!

    Segway Segue from Priya on Vimeo.

    What do you think, guys? Did I miss anything?

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