Sunday, April 12, 2009


You guys, I went to see Ratatat on Wednesday night - it was pretty awesome. Here are some shoddy videos I took:

Ratatat 1 from Priya on Vimeo.
I loved the birds. I wish they had more projected stuff like this in their show...though I think they may have stopped with that because the projector at the Meridian kept turning off between songs (another reason to hate that stupid-ass venue and all the stupid-ass employees).

Ratatat 2 from Priya on Vimeo.
That one was crappier than usual because I forgot to stop dancing while I was recording...

Ratatat 3 from Priya on Vimeo.
It's kind of sad how unprepared my camera was for the bass line.

The show itself was pretty good, but it was unfortunately filled with teenage boys constantly doing what all teenage boys do: jumping around when there was no room for that, making snide comments about girls in the audience, doing hip-hop dances, wearing backwards caps with Lacoste polos/ bandannas and american apparel hoodies, and above all, smoking really offensively bad weed. Other than those assholes, it was an excellent night, and I bought 2 Ratatat stickers for a dollar.


Timbine said...

I used to have this fucking sweet Ratatat shirt. It was just the cougar from the cover of Classics in gold foil ink. I wore it twice then lost it forever.

Marion said...