Monday, April 13, 2009

You guys, I would like to get real with you real quick.

john: let's get real all up in this bitch

me: i would like top

john: (tugs on collar, makes awkward face)
i guess i would like bottom, then


Owen and I had a conversation ages ago about how disrespectful it is when your friends date someone lame - this usually happens when the lame person is good at something your friend needs: sex, writing lyrics (whatever, it's usually sex)...your friend is afraid to break up with the sucky significant other because they don't want to lose the added benefit of whatever the sucky person's talent is. You, however, are not privy to these benefits. You're stuck with the sucky part with none of the good stuff. So it is a horrible oversight when your friend dates someone stupid because they are basically saying that they don't care if you suffer, as long as they are getting all their crazy sexual needs met.

Conversely, isn't it FUCKING AWESOME when your friend dates/marries someone whose company you can actually enjoy immensely, independently of your friend's presence? Yeah, it's fucking awesome. It's cool because, yeah! New friends! But it's also cool because it shows that your friend actually respects you enough to not expose you to the inevitable hell that is dealing with someone who is a bullshit human to begin with. Mutual respect is so hot.