Friday, October 30, 2009

Soft Focus

me: please stop

john: hahahaha
i'm sure it's been done
like 99% sure
that some body mod idiot thinks that's tops

me: oh god
well that's rule 36 or whatever, right
like if you can come up with a concept, there's porn of it somewhere on the internet

john: right but i meant in a non-sexual way
some body mod idiot with horns
tore off his fingernails

me: oh gross yeah

john: because he thought it said "fuck you" to his daddy
when really it says "hey everybody i'm the fucking moron who tore off my fingernails. hi."

me: oh god, that guy WOULD have daddy issues

john: gosh this conversation really disintegrated

me: hahahaha yeah really

john: we went off the rails there
we were kind of in a mine cart
and you were screaming "dr. jones! dr. jones!"
and i was like "shut up kid"

me: hahahahahahahaha

john: *mine cart goes faster*
that was us

That is EXACTLY what it was like.


J-Dub said...

Haaaa I had completely forgotten about this conversation.

Marion said...

hahaahahahaahahahaaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are totally the little asian kid from the temple of doom.