Monday, August 31, 2009

Actually, say a little prayer for me. Apparently I need it.

me: tell john i suggested My Two Cats for the name of your fantasy football league.
tell me what he says

Lauren: "*grooooan* one named jill, one named jack, or whatever? actually, just tell her to fuck off!"

me: hahahaha

Lauren: (i think i could be one of those people who sits in court rooms and types everything people say)

me: i think you could too. you'd be the best of your kind
i could really feel the vitriol in what john said

(BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!)


Rolling Meme said...

That's a stenographer, by the by. You'd be amazing at it.

Priya said...

I would be amazing at it? Or Lauren would be? I nominate Lauren for stenographer of the world.

Rolling Meme said...

Yeah I meant Lauren. She could be the stenographer of the trial we'll inevitably face when you actually bring the psychotic freak show known as My Two Cats to air. We'll be labeled as Nazi sympathizers. Your idea for the cat show is infernal, is what I'm saying.

Priya said...

John, I don't mean to be crude, but what the fuck are you talking about? You should get a second cat, is what I'm saying.

John's two cats! John's two cats! One is skinny and the other is fat! John's two cats, John's two cats! He's gonna die alone and they'll find the cats eating his faaaace

L said...

hey......that doesn't rhyme?

Priya said...

Free verse, Lauren. Did you go to college or didn't you?

Marion said...

i love that stupid fucking movie. i hope you guys know that if rupert wanted to be my friend, i would love him the best. please understand.

Priya said...