Friday, September 4, 2009


I started following Courtney Love on Twitter this week. For a few days it was funny to try to decode her nutball ramblings - you hear things about how she's just buttfucking insane, but I always thought it had to do with society's anger with her tangential participation in Kurt Cobain's suicide, and took it with a grain of salt - but this woman is genuinely off her rocker, and it's starting to bug me. Most of the other celebrities I follow are minor, so they get to go places and have normal experiences...but you know that Courtney attracts attention wherever she goes. She seems lonely and confused. And troubled. And stupid.

I've been thinking about relating to people with real problems lately. People who are addicted to gambling, for example, or to drugs or alcohol. Or people who murder, or engage in Ponzi schemes, or have schitzophrenia. And by "relating" I don't mean sympathizing. I mean actually experiencing and understanding where they come from. Who would do those things? What thoughts go through their heads right before they do the things for which they become known? With Courtney, we get the chance to find out. In my opinion, the worst is when she talks about her legal woes (this next bit is a collection of tweets that I grouped together because they seem to be aiming at a narrative):

his names Dave Lory he was the assnt to an assnt to Danny Goldberg( who owes me 50k but hey thats 2 cents at least he klnows he owes it to me) Lory put 150,000 into Samantha Way Lorys HSBC account 2days in a row

i have photocopies of the 75k in travllers checks he stole from a comerica i didnt bank at, and the 1.3million Virgin put into that coamerica he stole along with 3.2 of my daughters money for a house sale we got52k or

i bought on march14o1 1960 laughlin drive, 1.3. on that day Lester Knispel and my to be "biz mgr" Victoria Jirnov nee Blake ( love it when the allegedly 109 yr old Knispel gets pissy and threatens "defamation"

lester has getthis JEFF SPICCOLI( azof produced one film FAST TIMES. Cameron avoid confrontation but is still my dear friend Crowe is humiliated im outing him thatazoff names his son"Cameron")

this next door to Fincher house costs 1.3 JEFF SPICCOLI reasses it at worth 2.8 million the phone number is a guy named Juan who loads ood onto american airlines ground service, so Lester gets my loft at 1.5 laughlin at 1.8

(refinances he forged not to mention the previous house 3.2million refinances he did this to me 16m in refinanes wich he paid down making 32 m and also put heather road trust into his az bank for 14m as a "trustee"

between march14 o1 spiccolis assesment and refinancing Kim Cobains and Wendy Cobains houses he took 3.9 then he sold me and Kurts Carnation wash house for 420k i have the deed the $ went to 9229 sunset 607

@9229 sunset 607 ive gone to look for it, theres @PamAnderson( she is now offically a lester client and fucked for it when she came over she was wirey it was late so ididnt show her and all excited about westwood i ddint want to fuck her buzzy saturday an

his kids and ex wife are also at that addy as is axl rose and all his names and tommy lee aka TOMMY LAWFIRM, ( LOOVE) Negro Albino( LOVE dob 1857)James L ,JAmesM,JAmes R barber, Micheal Reiff and his 5 wives

when you first go to look for the 19 kurt d cobains in henderson nev( theres only 21 cobains in the usa)(27cobanes)let alone the Kurt D Cobains in Bev Hills hes got po box Micheal Reiff has and a really fabulous piece of land 1154 summit drive,bh (PICK

who the f is Reiff? i didnt know for years and years all i knew is that i went down to city hall by myself and it said his "wife" Susan declared ch13 as soon as he bought lot and online his wives Carol Hahn and Hanson declare ch 13 within 2 weeks of 5.6 m

(trust me this ends up as P{irncess ai imagine what i have to go through go to @cltranslated and read the thoing she found its entirely accurate but imagine processinga ll that data when a b drop 7 minor is hard enough)

i get a map of Pickfair since my great Uncle was Douglas Fairbanks( Paula fox says so @NeilHimself and no i dont think shes "better than Updike" i think she sort of Blows and when i asked Shirley Maclaine why she did "Desperate Characters"wich sucked, sh

in 2000 i dont know about Gramps i just know about Fairbanks and i want PickfaIR OR A SLICE. i an enjoinmed by the New Yorker to write a piece on "BUYING BACK PICKFAIR" so my shock in may08 at seeing Kurts name and Reiffs together and the two lots next d

107 year old Irving Azoff, alison doesnt live there, not the house on LindaCrest, the Poison Dwarf im positive for 2 years owns the bail out company of the 3 ch13s of the 3 wives of Reiff/Cobain1154 summit 90210

wait,,,, wierd,, 1154 summitw as 5.6 million toooa ccording to the Kurt d Cobain ssn! anyway im convined for 2 years that azoff owns a Suntrust Insurance ins ome remote county like he owns a BANC OF AMERICA in plant, fla

She's talking about property that she used to own, I think. Apparently she thinks someone sold the house(s?) for less than they were worth, then turned around and made a profit. There's some complicated legality in there, and I have to admit I'd be confused too. At the same time, however, why is she even talking about this in the first place? I feel for her daughter - I wonder what it must have been like to be raised exclusively by someone who was so far removed from normalcy in any capacity - does the girl feel constantly off balance? I wonder how much living with that kind of person would make you question your own sanity, especially when the person in question is your mother, the original source for authority or normalcy in your personal paradigm. I wonder what it would be like to live with her, or work for her - she's always talking about "lateral male thinking", by which she means logic. It reminds me of when I stopped getting straight As in high school. My parents gave me a hard time about it, and eventually I was like, MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE I'M STUPID. But I'm not stupid, obviously; it was just an excuse for being lazy and not paying attention in favor of staring at [redacted]'s perfectly sculpted shoulderblades in Algebra. Sigh. ANYWAY! Even Courtney doesn't believe that Courtney could possibly understand what's going on, but it's just an excuse. It's just a way for her to try to get out of looking stupid while she tries. That's the most depressing part: that Courtney could be more than what she is, but is constantly turning away from it. That's actually what depresses me about everyone: we're all constantly making bad decisions, forcing ourselves into situations at our own detriment, when we all should (and probably do) know better.

For once, I know better and I'm going to do something about it: "You are no longer following courtneylover79."

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