Monday, January 25, 2010

Heresy, I'm Sure (UPDATED!)

Have you guys seem the sort-of season 1 finale of Glee? Lea Michelle sings "Don't Rain On My Parade", from Funny Girl (a song originally done by Barbra Streisand [OBVIOUSLY this is what she's been working on since she was 4]), and her performance gave me goosebumps. I hadn't, however, heard the original version until just now, when I remembered that I've been meaning to YouTube it since last semester (whoops). I have mixed emotions about this.

I loved the song immediately, of course, and there are some hilarious shots in this clip - like the one of her orange dress zooming comically through the mostly-empty train station - but it didn't seem as epic as it did on Glee (I mean, it was just so FITTING for Lea Michelle to be singing that, then, there!), or as it could have been in the original plot, I think. Though I'm not saying the imagery of Super Jew Barbra Streisand on a turquoise tugboat speeding past Ellis Island isn' or whatever. But I haven't seen the whole movie. Maybe it IS epic. Maybe I just wish I could have seen Barbra's gorgeous hair instead of that thoroughly LOLworthy fur-turban (furban?).

UPDATE: I couldn't find a halfway-serviceable clip of Lea Michelle's version online when I first published this post, but here it is!

Either way, this song rules, and I don't care if my gay friend Grant says there's no competition with Babs - I think both ladies did it quite well, with their own approaches.

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