Sunday, February 7, 2010

Changing My Tone

At first, I didn't really get Ke$ha. I mean...

...the girl looks perpetually altered/unwashed. Which, y'know, fine, but ALWAYS? Yes. Always. Okay then. And the's catchy (given) but overplayed already...and she doesn't so much sing as...well, I don't know what to call that. But, you guys? I'm starting to like Ke$ha's shit. I'm starting to love it. Her whole thing, I mean - I've been thinking about it, and everything the critics have been saying kind of makes sense: she's inheriting the position that Britney Spears vacated...but that doesn't mean she has to BE the new Britney. Britney sold the image of the hyper-sexualized tween; she was Madonna and Whore all at once. Ke$ha, however, has kind of made a point out of being another animal altogether - I never got the impression that she was as manufactured as Britney, Mandy, Christina & Co ever were (except for in her videos, but that's artifice on purpose so it doesn't count). And who could manufacture someone who claims to love trannies, P-Diddy, random dudes with chickenhawk mustaches, and beer guts equally? I like that she's a nonsense weirdo like all the people I actually know.

And this is without even talking about her Twitter feed (@Ke$haSuxx), which is absolutely hilarious:

Who can't get support this kind of behavior? If you have the power to be an absolute nutbag in all the best ways - and get PAAAIIIID for it - why the hell wouldn't you? So glittery diapers it is. Ke$ha, I salute you.


pmod said...

I'm very pro Ke$ha after first hearing you tweet about it - there's a bunch of sick tracks on that record. In fact, I woke up this morning with BlahBlahBlah in my head (draw your own {charitable} conclusions)

Priya said...

HAHA! Happy to see I'm spreading the Doubtful, Restrained Praise...yeah, I was very ready for that album to be pretty crappy and was pleasantly surprised. Charitable, indeed.