Thursday, April 8, 2010

Limited Audience Appeal

Okay. I'm warning you ahead of time. If you're not a Mad Men fan, or if you're not secretly dating Jon Hamm (you know, so underground that not even Jon Hamm himself knows about it?), you will not find this interesting. It's a leaked video of some Mad Men wrap party, where the cast members all (possibly drunkenly) sing Bye Bye Birdie (a song which was featured prominently this past season). And oh yeah, Jon Hamm is in there. Is he ever. MMMmmmmm OKAY.

Additional disclaimer: I've been in academic advising for 3 hours (to be fair, I was trying to avoid schooling on Fridays or at night by shuffling all my classes over and over again) and am completely delirious.


(Via Vulture Blog)

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