Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Press Summer Fest


This weekend was Houston's second annual Free Press Summer Fest, which is a two day music festival. This year was fucking mind boggling. Right now I need to go take a nap to recover from the four hours that I've been awake. The weekend was exhausting, is what I'm saying. Also, it rained. Also, oh my god.
I will be back later to talk about the weekend, and I'm currently working on a list of SUMMERFEST PRO TIPS.

While I'm doing that, here is a picture of Heidi Montag pondering her recent breakup with her husband/exploiter Spencer Pratt. She kind of looks how I feel (painfully frozen in a rictus of shame and horror at one's own existence).

PS. Yes, she is still wearing her wedding ring even though she is "broken up with" her husband. Also, a shocking lack of ice cream/crying.

PPS. Also.


Anonymous said...

Rictus. Improper usage of a far too often neglected word. So, +1.

Priya said...

I'm trying to decide if you're a Points Benefactor who prefers to remain anonymous or something Much More Sinister!