Saturday, November 27, 2010

Do you like your old asshole?

BECAUSE YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET A NEW ONE (courtesy of the online survey I'm taking about a professor I suffered through this semester):

The professor was frequently unprepared to answer student questions (she often gave the answer "that's not my specialty, so I don't know how to answer that" if the question was regarding anything other than [her specialty]), gave unclear answers to student questions about class/project requirements (she frequently made it clear that she was speculating if it wasn't stated outright in the text itself - in fact, she taught almost exclusively out of the text, and, when asked for clarification not present in the text, was often unable to give it), and used materials not available to all students to create exam questions. I came into this class very eager to learn more about abnormal psychology - by all reports (when I asked other students or teachers) this should have been a fun and engaging class, easy to study for, but it was not. I have found, upon thinking more about why they had much better experiences with this course than I did, that the one factor that was different was the professor. Basically: I should have just dropped the course and reenrolled for the Spring semester when I found out the usual (tenured) professor wasn't teaching, but I gave this (adjunct) professor a chance and it backfired.

In short: Fuck me? FUCK YOU.

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