Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Phone, New Goals

I got a new phone, you guys! And I like it.

That's right, I just like it so far. It's weird, I mimed masturbation pretty much every time the ad for the new phone came on so I was pretty sure I was going to be beyond psyched (it's the Blackberry Torch, by the way) but when I turned my trusty old 8820 off for the last time just now I actually felt really sad. Like, really sad. The 8820 and I have been through some big life events together...but it finally came time to change when the poor thing kept freezing and shutting down under the stress of having to run two applications at once. And I'm DONE replacing trackballs, thank god.

But still, I have to admit that some of these mixed emotions stem from the fact that there's a little part of me that is scared of the Torch - today the salesman was advising me to switch to Wi-Fi when I wanted to use "YouTube, Pandora, any kind of streaming video or music download really" and I was can do that on phones now? I was just happy to have a camera finally. Speaking of which, Imma TwitPic the SHIT out of all you people later. After I figure out how to take pictures.

In other news, it's the second day and already the prospect of NaNoWriMo lasting a full month is stressing me out. I mean, 1667 words a day (if you want to be technical about it) is a lot by anyone's standards, and this is all in addition to the papers I have to write for school still...don't get me wrong, I really want to do this, for many reasons. I think I will just have to satisfy myself with at least writing SOMETHING every day and doing my best to catch up on weekends: even if I don't end up with my full 50,000 words, I'll still have accomplished something major (the beginning of a NOVEL, a real PROJECT, to some degree of completion) without losing quality of life completely.

And tomorrow is Wednesday, taking us one day closer to the weekend and the sweet release of sleeping for 20 hours in a row (the mere action of thinking about NaNoWriMo just did that - it took me from jazzed about accomplishing goals to anticipating my brain's shut-off limit in about 12 minutes). Hey! Look! It's nighttime...I'm gonna go do that now.

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