Thursday, May 26, 2011

Courtney Love, again!

Just reading this interview with Courtney Love on - a website about addiction and recovery.

Most of it comes off exactly like you'd think: the woman's brain has been so long addled that even when she's totally sober she sounds like someone threw a Tom Wolfe novel into a garburator and tossed some crack in after. By which I mean to say that the woman clearly has an intellect under there, and uses the fancy words in all the right places, but the ideas she tries to communicate are often transparently self-serving Hollywood bullshit (even to the point of highlighting her own dubious mentoring of Kelly Osbourne, Kristin Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, bragging about buying both her pharmacists - one on each coast - big TVs for Christmas) and she just doesn't realize it...which is depressing.

This depressing-ness is only compounded by the fact that it's being relayed by someone who reads as wildly out of touch with reality. In my mind she's beginning to epitomize the celebrity who became a star because they had the ego to believe they deserved it in the first place, and multiplied by three thousand billion because she's been in show biz so long that nobody's said "no" to her in a meaningful way in like 20 years. It's not a nice thing to think about someone but it really doesn't seem like she can talk about anything other than drugs and herself (granted, this is an interview about drugs and herself, but I'm also thinking about every other interview with her - about her albums, about her daughter, about Kurt, about Twitter).

I guess the reason I find it depressing more than anything else is the fact that all her interviews are sprinkled with conversational glitter such as: "At the time, I was getting bundles of blow delivered to my house by a mulatto in a Nissan with a dragging muffler." Yes, I regret the use of "mulatto", but the sentence is such a perfectly hilarious way to start a story anyway. This is what I mean by intellect! She seems like the kind of girl I would hang out with a lot if she wasn't such a reckless shitshow all the time. I think maybe her problem is that she doesn't belong in the actual real world (where some people are accountants and some are poor and some are stupid and everyone's bored) and instead should be injected into a Tarantino movie - like Jackie Brown (the parts in Samuel L. Jackson's apartment with DeNiro and the blonde) crossed with True Romance (Alabama, duh, read the last paragraph of the article) and Four Rooms (where they find the dead hooker).

In 20 more years they should raid her house and film everything, Grey Gardens style. Or maybe not...something tells me she's a screamer.


John said...

GOD I forgot you still update this thing.

Priya said...

Well...I DO.