Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey what the hell happened around here? Or: The Epic Story of One Girl's Descent Into Madness, Brought to You by Blogger

So Blogger went and redesigned the page right out from under me! Up is down. Black is white. I can barely double-click a mouse and now they want me to do HTML? Exhausted. I'm out of practice.
If blogging were exercise Fairly Alarmed would be a fat sweaty 45 year old man who hates his job.

Ugh, just looked at this thing from the viewer side and I see my fucking sidebars look like shit and everything is just all janked up everywhere. I even hate the stupid background I picked after looking around for two seconds because I was frustrated.

Okay now I've gone through a little more thoroughly. So at first I hated the new dashboard and interface but after messing around with it a little bit I've started to realize it's actually much better. For example, I never knew how to make the white space bigger in my old layout so YouTube videos would extend past the page boundary and look stupid and sloppy, but as you can see I managed to finally fix that!

Well! That was a very interesting story. If you are interested in publishing my adventure in your local (or national!) journalistic publication, please email me: YouStink at NoTalent dot com. Allow me to suggest some headlines for your story - If I may be so bold!

  • Area Girl First Intimidated by Change, Adjusts
  • Area Girl Lives Story of Empowerment Through The Miracle of Self-Agency
  • Area Girl Overcomes Extremely Minor Product Confusion by Pretty Much Just Reading the Instructions
Look at that punctuation and everything! I'm getting pretty good at this. You can put that in your article if you want to.

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