Saturday, March 9, 2013


I do NOT understand people who are proud of their bodies. I mean, mine is HORRIBLE. Just really, really bad. And it's not even just an aesthetic thing; not only is it ugly but it just doesn't work right. What is it like to have a good body, and know it?

My guess is that it sucks just as much as everything else does but that particular sentiment is so foreign to me that I can't even approximate the feeling. I can't even get to the point of "it must be like 'I'm Doing Okay' but stronger". All I know is it fucks you up in the head in a very specific way (a way that makes you intolerable).

I have been thinking about my Rotting FleshSacTM a lot lately, obviously. Lord knows why. I would really rather never think about it.

If you have the answer to "What is it like to have a good body'" do not even bother writing in and telling me because I already hate your fucking guts. Go drink a Muscle Milk or whatever and leave me to the unending study of societally assigned worthlessness!!!!!!!!!

God I have been ending on dark notes a lot lately. I'm aware of that, and I want you to know I'm actually doing okay. It's just midterms and I long for death in the most sincere way possible. SORRY. I had to. On lighter notes, I think I'm going to start watching The Cosby Show from Season 1, Episode 1 soon, and I think I'm going to livetweet, or possibly live-blog, the whole process. That will be good and lighthearted right?! With the puddin' pops and such.

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