Friday, May 25, 2007

I Love New York 2

I just saw an ad for I Love New York 2, telling us that anyone (males only!) who is completely disillusioned with life and wants to end it all can submit his video to her website for consideration to appear on the show. Could that sentence be any longer?

Anyway, I was shocked to see New York reading from a teleprompter - reading? - that she was recently rejected on national TV for the 3rd time, and that she "handled it pretty well". Anyone who saw the I Love New York reunion knows that she did NOT handle it pretty well. There was nothing that happened on that show that led me to believe that New York could handle anything pretty well. The idea that screaming profanities and gesturing wildly, then bursting into tears and throwing oneself at a rejected suitor could be perceived as "handling it well" is downright offensive. I was also dismayed to see that her gargoyle of a mother would be making her appearances on the show, as well. Christ.

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