Monday, May 28, 2007


I can see that I'm starting to get excited about blogging again, because I'm posting multiple times a day. Maybe I just have less to do, and more time to sit around and stew in my own juices and come up with stuff to write about. The following is a train-of-thought post. Be prepared: there will be lots of these in our future together.

I just applied for about 7 jobs in LA on craigslist. I thought I was pretty much done with this back in March, but since I've been out of the loop for two months I don't know how "available" my position back at the magazine will actually be. They said that I should just call as soon as I get back and we could start then, but my estimated date of arrival has been pushed back for 2 weeks. I wonder how (un)happy my editor will be about that. This whole job-seeking procedure is so damn depressing to me. I know it's the nature of this exercise to cast a net wide and catch so few fish, but it never fails to get to me.
It doesn't help that I usually somehow end up with the first job I apply for, and this time that job was for a DOG WALKING POSITION. Fuck!

My permanent crown should be arriving from the special-crown-making-place in the next couple of days. And the couple of days after its arrival, I should be heading back to LA. I can't wait. I'm going nuts here.
I love my friends in Houston, but I've already seen all the movies that are in theatres (i mean, except "disturbia", but...come on), some multiple times, and, in the last two weeks, have eaten at indian, asian fusion, sushi, american (southwell's grilled cheese!) and four different kinds of mexican restaurants. I'm starting to get fat from all this restaurant eating. And I guess all the unmotivated sitting around on my ever-increasing ass has something to do with it.

Celebrities that Kyle has seen since he began working at Whole Foods (West Hollywood) a month ago:
- Sandra Oh (out with scruffy director type)
- Julianne Moore ("looked famous")
- Jason Statham (wanted albacore tuna, has come in twice now)
- Jeanne Tripplehorn (has come in multiple times, toddler son insists on calling kyle "little penis" whenever they see each other)
- Drew Barrymore (well, someone else saw her right before he walked in)
- Joelle Carter ("terrible shopper")

Which gets me thinking about High Fidelity, my Number 2 Top Movie of All Time (Number 1 being Jurassic Park)...
Custmer: You guys are snobs.
Dick: No, we're not...
Customer: Yes, seriously; you're totally elitist. You feel like unappreciated scholars, so you shit on people who know less than you...
Rob, Barry, Dick: No!
Customer: ...Which is everybody.
Rob, Barry, Dick: Yeah...
Customer: That's sad.

I got that out of the IMDB. but honestly, I'm pretty sure I could quote that entire film (more or less accurately) from beginning to end. I've seen it that many times, have loved it that much. My list of "memorable quotes from high fidelity" would be a transcription of the movie.
I'm not very selective about properties of things I love. If I love a movie, I'll develop a definite emotional bond to every change of expression, to every cheesy turn of phrase. On the other hand, if I hate something, I will hate it unconditionally. Jason Statham, for example, drives me crazy. I hate that he only has two facial expressions. I hate his accent. I hate that he's always agreeing to be in movies that were presented at the studio with this introduction: "Imagine Bruce Willis (cue Mission Impossible theme) a car/bus/plane...SPEEDING OUT OF CONTROL!!!!"

Kyle's comment about Joelle Carter being a bad shopper got me thinking. I consider myself to be a bad shopper. I'm always polite to the people that work in stores (which is what he was referring to; Carter was apparently kind of cranky), but I never go in and just, ugh, accomplish what I was there to do. Grocery stores are my mortal enemies. I write a list and invariably escape with only a shred of my dignity left, after pacing the aisles for an hour and 1/2 trying to find alphabet soup. I used to think Target was my enemy too, but that was due, in part, to my own incapacity. Whenever I admit even partial fault for my hatred of something (this applies to the previous paragraph), it's only so I'll look capable of having a productive conversation. But in my head, I will roundly perceive the thing I hate to be completely without merit. Jason Statham, for instance, or Tiffany Pollard. Look that shit up, I dare you. WITHOUT MERIT.

Okay, I've been composing this thing for about an hour now. I'm going to go downstairs and eat a Toblerone.
Rock on, Rock out!

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