Monday, May 28, 2007

Old Bloggers

i'm tired of reading mommyblogs. and i'm tired of reading SAHD (stay-at-home-dad) blogs. and i'm tired of reading the misadventures of sardonic "omigod-i-was-so-wasted" college freshmen blogs. what i want to read now are the weblogs of old people.

and i'm not being ironic here; i'm not interested in skimming through a thousand entries detailing the lives of someone's grandchildren. i want to read about old people that have traveled the world, that have taught a college class, that have fought in a war.

i wonder if the lack of these writings in the blogosphere - as they call it - is due to a lack of technical knowledge, or the desire to impress anyone. i know that when i'm 65, i probably won't give a damn either. but i can solve the first problem. if there's some savvy elder out there who wants to write often but doesn't have a computer, there's a way. what if i were to interview them?
but another problem is: what would i ask? if all old people are the same as the ones i know, then conversations would go something like this:

Priya: Hello, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith, how are you?
Mr./Mrs./Ms. Smith: Just fine, thanks.
Priya: What did you do today?
M.S: I taught my Tuesday/Thursday class on European History.
Priya: And how was it?
M.S (vaguely irritated): It was terrible. Students today are just as purposefully uninformed as they were twenty years ago. I was asked three times how to spell Mussolini.
Priya (we might be on to something!): And how does that make you feel?
M.S (getting impatient): It made me feel bored.
Priya: And...
M.S: Would you make me some warm milk?

this is probably because i don't give the old people credit. i imagine them to be just as uncreative and uncooperative as i am.

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