Friday, May 25, 2007

A Post About Morrissey

kyle and I were talking about morrissey (this happens almost never, as there is very little about the moz that compells kyle to speak at all, let alone at length) and kyle said that "morrissey sounds like the last choirboy," and proceeded to sing a very morrissey-esque tune of his own devising, the lyrics to which went something like this:

I am the last choirboy
Everybody else left
I'm hanging out in the church
All alone.

And I have to admit, the whole thing made me fall in love with him ("him" in this case referring to kyle) all over again.


And in YET ANOTHER morrissey related conversational tangent...
Kyle and I were talking about the morrissey show I'm apparently covering for LA's The Place and he said "ugh, you're going to meet sooo many potential boyfriends there," as is his wont, and I told him that I wouldn't be interested at all in actually speaking to anyone there. Kyle said, "except morrissey." Which, duh. But also, no.

Anyway, he said that morrissey and I would be a perfect pair. I said that that was patently untrue, and he countered that we were practically the same person, which made me shudder, because moz is such a categorically miserable person and probably exhausting to be around (not that I'm not in favor of making the lives of others unbearably difficult), but also made me feel very pleased (paraphrasing marc spitz...morrissey : me :: jesus : christians). But then I had to ask: why do you say that? And here's what he said.
"Well, you're both incredible writers, you hate the world, and if it wasn't for my intervention, I'm pretty confident that you'd both be celibate."

Then he elaborated, "if you and I hadn't met in the weirdest way possible, you would be completely celibate. Because you're not socially awkward, you're romantically awkward. You would regard physical contact from a distance and then curl up with a book and a warm cup of tea."

So that comparison pleased me because I do like to give the impression that I'm a nonsexual being - I dunno, something about deep-seated insecurities spawned when I was, like, 9 and a distinct prude-y quality to my physical and emotional interactions with others which may or may not be the product of said insecurities - and also because it's pretty much true, and I heart that kyle's so intuitive.

For the five people out there that saw American Dreamz, I direct your attention to the scene where Mandy Moore's character regards Hugh Grant's character and says, "um, I'm not physically attracted to other people, but if you want me? I'm yours."

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