Sunday, June 17, 2007

Welcome to June 17th

I'm reading this New York Magazine column/article called Greener Postures, which weighs the pros and cons of supposedly energy-reducing inventions. My (least/)favourite inventions so far are the washable sanitary pads and the recycled coffin. The former gross I won't discuss it. Another option is a kind of cup that you somehow put up in your hoo-ha to catch the you-know-exactly-what so you can rinse it out in the sink and re-insert it...or something. All I know is Fuck That. The recycled coffin is surprisingly neat; it's actually a pod, which I adore. And it's made out of 100% recycled newsprint (read: papier mache), which you can have covered with gold leaf or handmade paper. Or you could be buried in a shroud. Or YOU COULD JUST BE CREMATED if you're that worried.

In other news, you may or may not remember/care that I had my first day at work at the magazine on Friday. It was...well, everything I expected it to be. I don't know yet if this is going to be an incredible experience or something I'll suffer through with extreme prejudice...all I know so far is that my boss is a Paris Hilton sympathizer. That's right, she uses Paris's name in conjunction with the phrase "poor thing," and said of her treatment recently, "it's just evil what they've done to her. Pure evil. I mean, who doesn't drive drunk? It's not like she hit anyone with her car...I bet her psyche will never recover from what's happening to her. She might get a disease later because of the stress she's suffering now."
Upon rethinking that last quote, I'm leaning towards "extreme prejudice." And not because of the person she's supporting. Really (though I will go on record as thinking that this is the one media circus that Paris has ever deserved). It's because she uses the words 'evil' and 'psyche' in serious conversation, believes that disease is caused by being stressed out, and thinks that driving drunk (because "everyone does it") is okay. Sure, I've driven drunk before, but I know that consequences of doing so include, um, ACCIDENTALLY KILLING SOMEONE and/or getting caught and going to jail. So if one or both of those things happen to me, I will know that I deserved it for getting behind the wheel in the first place. I won't scream "it's NOT RIGHT", because it will be. Which is why I've stopped binge drinking; because I do stupid things, like drive when I shouldn't, when I do, and I don't want that shit on my conscience anymore. Paris has said that she's "not that girl anymore" after having gone to jail, that she "hasn't looked in a mirror once since she got [there]", and I really want to believe that. I want to see a changed woman come out of that jail; someone who has a little respect for others and for herself. And I think she can do it. I am a humanist, after all.

Movies I've Seen Recently, and my thoughts on them:
- The Fountain - prohibitively obtuse.
- Ghost Rider - shallow, and easy to watch.
- Blood Diamond - excellent in every way; possibly better than The Departed, which was only Quite Good, and definitely not its director's best effort to date (but I won't commit to definitely better, because Scorsese finally, FINALLY got his due and I won't be the one to suggest taking it away).

I've been in LA for about 2 weeks, and already I am starting to categorize Actor Types. More on that later, when I've more organized my thoughts.

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