Sunday, June 17, 2007

Overheard in New York

The two of you who frequented itsfunny know that I am a big, big fan of Overheard in New York, and that I would quote it all the time when I had nothing better to say but was intent on screwing around on the internet anyway. With that revelation, I bring you...


I'm Supposed to Put This in My College Fund

Young Boy #1: Today is the day your mother birthed you and you only got five dollars?
Young Boy #2: We got troubles.

Smart Stays with You, Sweetie

Mother: You're so pretty.
Four-year-old daughter, stomping: Don't call me pretty! I need to be smart and pretty!
Mother: Okay, you're smart.
Four-year-old daughter, crying: Nooo! Mom! Don't just say 'smart.' Say 'smart and pretty.' It needs to be both! I can't just be smart! Smart and pretty, together!

(editor's note: unfortunately, Kyle's beginning to outsmart my maneuvers like this.)

Post Office: Oh, That's Not Good!

UPS guy driving by: Hi, FedEx!
FedEx guy, smiling and waving: Hi!

Talking about Labor Law Is Right Up There with Diaper Play

Hot Asian chick: Oh, I feel so sexually frustrated right now!
Dude: Oh my god, I can totally help you out with that! You could even call me Mark!
Hot Asian chick: And could we talk about labor law afterwards?
Dude: Anything!
Hot Asian chick: Don't embarrass yourself, Chad.

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