Thursday, July 5, 2007

Son of Updation Nation

Last Sunday I got to see my "hetero life partner", Erica M. I've known Erica since I was 12 when we went to middle school together, but in the last few years we've been fading in and out of touch, always promising to call when the other is in town and never managing to do it. However, she happens to be in town doing some kind of internship at a management company. Her job is awesome. She reads scripts for certain celebrities and sees if they would be good for the part! Or at least, that's what I understand.
Anyway, I got to see Erica last Sunday and it was awesome. We pledged to do something this Saturday night. I don't know what, yet.
Wow, could this entry read any more like every other page in my high school diary?

Dear Diary,

OMG OMG like OMG, and then LOL OMG can you believe it? And then like ROFL...OMG seriously. And then he was like "do you think she likes me," and I was like, "what like, like you like you? or just one like? OMG I'm soooooo confused, LOL, and then, omigod I have this like HUUUUGE zit and tomorrow is picture day, and Dr.P is giving me so much hell in chemistry class, he is like SOOOOO EVIL, it like totally fucking sucks OMG. OMG it's 4AM and I have a trig final tomorrow goodnight


Or at least, that's how I imagine it would read to me now, if I were to summon up the courage and crack one of them open. The point of this entire fucking post so far is that I'm really excited that Erica is here in town and I can't wait to see her. DAMN.


Kyle and I have been searching for apartments the last couple of weeks. We've seen a couple that we really really like. They're really small, but they have kitchens and totally sweet bathrooms, and AND hardwood floors. We both have very strong feelings about hardwood floors. They're hot. Anyway, the one we saw today was awesome - it's on Melrose, one block east of the Paramount Studios. There were counters in the kitchen, a walk-in closet, and the bathroom was painted robin's-egg blue. AND there was a balcony. The thing is, it costs more than a three-bedroom apartment does in Houston in the same kind of area of town, so I'm having kind of a hard time with that. And there seemed to be some kind of minor sugar ant infestation. There were like three visible, but when we brushed them away, we came back like a couple minutes later and there were three again. What? Anyway, we filled out our application, so we'll see what happens.
We also saw one that was a little smaller but that I liked a little bit more because the foyer of the building was cleaner and there was also a powder room, but was a little farther away from where each of us works, so the commute makes up for the difference in price and neatness. Ugh. Sacrifices...who needs 'em? I'm so used to getting what I want with Kyle that whenever I come up at a roadblock with other people, I get the urge to pout and see what happens. I know, I know: SPOILED.
So plan to hear more about our misadventures in apartment hunting in the near future. It's what we're going to be doing every day that Kyle has off...much to his chagrin. Tomorrow we're going to see a place - also on Melrose - at 9AM.

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