Thursday, July 5, 2007

Things That Make Me Angry

NUMBER FOUR: The Reebok "Run Easy" Ads.

I've been seeing these ads on bus stops all over the city and they aggravate my delicate sensibilities. I require that advertiesments convey that the writer/creator has a basic idea of English knowledge and at least an IQ of 100. I mean, average, right? It makes sense. But these ads don't.

run easy

I get the point that this ad is trying to convey, but It's bugging me that they put two plus signs, which is incorrect math-syntax, and that the button of this ad reads like "CRAZY RUN EASY", which means nothing. They're just three words in a row, two of which are a slogan that also means nothing.

run easy


POST SCRIPT: The website where I got these images explained the advertisment campaign a little bit, and now I kinda understand. The idea is to mock the atheletes that run beyond their capablities just for the sake of "beng tough" or whatever reason atheletes run after they throw up. The point is to exercise, but do it in moderation. And the "WHAT ARE YOU JUST DOING?" tagline apparently has to do with mocking Nike directly, since their slogan is "Just Do It." The problem is that when I read that line, the voice in my head had a fresh Indian accent, and I thought it was just an example of shoddy English. I believed that the fact that it had been approved, published, and distributed was a harbinger of the end of civilization and, eventually, the apocalypse. But no, it's just ultimately meaningless mudslinging between two multi-billion corporations.

I shoulda known.

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