Monday, August 4, 2008

Lauren's Wedding Pictures 1

So far the only pictures that have surfaced of this weekend are through Facebook friends (Chris's website, though more professional, has been more...let's say...RELAXED about its posting schedules), but we'll do what we can with what we have for now.

Lauren at the Bachelorette Party.

Various Bachelorettes...and Kyle.

More singing at the Bachelorette party.
Oh, side note, when we told David F that we were going to be at a Bachelorette party this weekend, he thought we meant that we were going to have a screening party for the SHOW The Bachelorette, and wanted to know why he couldn't come as well. And when we were like, "Ummm...because you're not a girl?" He said, "GUYS CAN LIKE BACHELORETTE TOO." So you can imagine the uncrossing of wires that resulted this morning when he told me what he was talking about. The point of this story: pop culture is getting ridiculous.

And here's a picture of Lauren at with her veil on, which displays her unfathonable tendency to get red-eye at all angles, despite the fact that she has dark green/brown eyes. Ummm...

Lauren and John arrive at the reception, looking radiant.

Lauren and John start the greeting line, or whatever it's called. There was an awkward moment here where the DJ was like, "aaaannnd...start greeting!" and nobody knew what the fuck he was talking about so we just stood around and Lauren and John waved at us happily but in a kind of confused way.

Lauren and John's first dance. *WEEP*

John chose a bread pudding to be the "groom's cake" and I was kind of skeptical, but oh my god I should shut the fuck up more often because that was AMAZING.

Bouquet toss. Earlier I found a picture of the group of girls standing behind her getting ready to catch the bouquet and all of us looked so unimpressed. I'm trying to find it again but somehow it's disappeared. Hmm.

Yeah, this song struck fear into the hearts of everyone over 30. I mentioned that before but people were actually covering their gaping mouths and pointing. I mean, usually people are just kind of disapproving...even when we were in middle school and that horrible "grinding" shit started happening all over the place, adults just kind of looked away and shrugged. But you point finger guns in the air and scream BANG BANG BANG BANG! and suddenly it's the end of civilization. Don't look at us now, oldies; you let us grind when we were 12 - that you didn't see this coming is just evidence of your carelessness.

Here's Shelley (one of the bridesmaids) and Lauren. They both look great, and Shelley was one of the best bridesmaids (other than, you know, the obvious front-runners...*meaningful look at Marion*). She was fun and complimented my Risky Business outfit later in the evening.

Speaking of which, where are all the pics from the after-reception party? Excuse me, I need to go make a request on Facebook.


Jordan said...

um, excuse me *pointed look at priya*, i seem to have been accidentally omitted from the "obvious frontrunners" category.

Priya said...

well, I DIDNT KNOW YOU READ THIS. pardon me.