Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lauren's Wedding Weekend Pictures 2

So I found the picture I was talking about earlier of the single ladies catching the bouquet...Shelley looks pretty enthusiastic, but Jordan and Marion are both gesturing for Lauren to toss it to me, and I'm thinking, "if she throws it to me I am going to frown."

That's me, third from the right. Black dress, insouciant expression.


Anonymous said...

haha, ms. paranoid, i was gesturing AWAY from me, but if you had caught it, i would have giggled a teehee or two and melted. it would have been too darling to bear.

so, to review:
most salient thought: not me. i will get close to the edge over here and gesture wildly.
secondary: but if you hit priya, that could be cool.


Anonymous said...


it looks like you're SMILING to me.