Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Midwestern Teen Sex Show

Sometimes on the MTSS website, the creators of the show post questions and let the commenters sound off on various topics. It's so teenagers can voice their concerns and talk about their experiences and hear what other teens and adults have to say about it. I guess it's not helpful in the medical advice sense ("what does it mean if [list of symptoms here]?), but it is helpful more in the personal advice sense ("what do you do when your libido is affecting the way you act and it drives you crazy?" No, I did not post that one myself. But seriously, what do you do?). In one of these comments, a girl posts about how she has sex with random guys a lot.

"I lost my virginity to a boy whom I was extremely intoxicated with'" she writes, and I get confused by what she means. That's an awkward way to put it, but okay. AND THEN I REALIZE THAT SHE MEANS INFATUATED. AAAGHHHHHH.

Anyway, props to the MTSS moderators for not banning her from the site, or at least giving her a strict schooling on ending sentences with prepositions and/or a swift thump on the head with a dictionary. I wish there was an easy fix for "having a two word 'vocabulary'".

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