Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ohmigod, Shoes, Quebec, Switzerland

You guys, I love shoes. I do! I'm not (too) ashamed to say it. I have recently had the good fortune of being able to go a little wild with my shoe acquisition and now I am faced with a quandary.

I need more events to which I may wear my new fancy shoes, but none of my friends like to dress up much. One one hand, neither do I, really. On the other hand, sometimes I do. Maybe I'll convince Lauren to go to a fancy restaurant with me...WHEN SHE LIVES IN AUSTIN, *sniff sniff*

Speaking of Austin, I was planning on going to see a screening of Jurassic Park there with Marion and staying at Lauren and John's...but I can't, since I'll be in fucking Montreal at a wedding (and even if I weren't going to Montreal that weekend, I'd be going to Seattle for a different wedding). GODDAMN MONTREAL. ALWAYS FUCKIN' WITH MY PLANS. So now I can't go to Austin and I think I just broke a little bit inside. I would go one of the other weekends in August, but one of them just passed, and the other two will be spent in Switzerland. DAMN YOU, FUCKIN' SWITZERLAND.

I just went from blissfully frothy (prancing around my bedroom in a new pair of Marc Jacob heels that came in the mail the other day, breaking them in) to murderously frustrated in like two seconds. Now I'm eyeing the spike of my heel and gauging what kind of damage it could do to Montreal's eyeball, or the back of Switzerland's head.
Hey, just 'cause they're neutral doesn't mean I have to be.

Oh, that's exactly what it means? Fine. I will stare angrily in their direction. No no! Not threateningly, ANGRILY.

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Jordan said...

if you ever complain about international travel again, i will kill you till yer ded. shoes may or may not be involved, depending on the country you've scorned (e.g. italy: definitely; estonia: not so much).
incidentally, shoes can do a lot of damage, intentional or not, when i stepped on the heel of your prada sandal at the reception, i thought i might actually bleed out through my left instep.

love you despite your very enviable "problems."