Saturday, September 20, 2008

Let This Video Get to Second Base

You'll be glad you did.

This is pretty much the best music video I've seen all year, for so many reasons. Setting the music aspect aside for now (though, um, it's fucking GENIUS), let's talk about the visual. Look at that hair! Look at those clothes! Now I know what 35 year olds feel like when they talk about the '80s. Oh my god. I better not start seeing 15 year olds in "modern flannel" wearing faux-dreadlocks. I will shit.
Back to the music: it's fucking GENIUS. This guy and his band play rock music on little kid instruments. What else is there?

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Kyle said...

Priya, this is Self and his video for "Trunk Fulla Amps!" I can't believe you haven't heard any of this stuff, I have it all on the compy here.

Sometimes you're just not listening. Sheesh. came out years ago. Sorry.