Sunday, September 21, 2008

Down-On-Your-Luck Actors Rejoice

God, this is the year of the Downey, isn't it? He's been confirmed to play Sherlock in some upcoming Sherlock and Holmes thing (which I think originally had Seth Rogen and Will Farrell as Sherlock and Watson for some reason), but they're still looking for a Watson. AND I JUST HEARD THAT JUDE LAW WANTS TO PLAY HIM.

HA! Jude Law, second fiddle to Robert Downey Jr. Five years ago this never would have happened. I'm glad to be alive in a time when it was possible. Who knows, if this Palin woman ever comes to power, everything could change.

Here's a hilarious video where he says one of my favourite lines of his from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: "uh, I got priors, so, uh - I'm gonna roll, okay". Wait for it.

PS. I realize the title actually has nothing to do with this entry, but I wrote it on kind of a lark and realized that after living only a year in LA, I already know so many "out of work actors" that I felt bad telling them to rejoice and then taking it back. They all need to rejoice whenever they get a chance; they're always losing work to people who have whiter teeth. Hug the unemployed thespian in your lives today, people! And now back to your regularly scheduled misanthropy.


Jordan said...

jude law as dr. watson? what a truly bizarre notion. though, he can never top the glaringly unnatural role he played in "midnight in the garden of good an evil."

Jordan said...

fucking hell. i meant "good and evil."

Priya said...

Yes, I know you meant that. For several reasons:
1. I know the title of the movie, and
2. I assume that when you bother to post on this site, you try to make sense. and "good an evil" doesn't mean anything. I'm just saying. It's not your style.

But it's actually not your style to mistype anything either so...nevermind.