Sunday, September 21, 2008

Over the Edge

So I posted just a little taste of the RDJ Awesome in that last entry and now I can't stop. Here's some more, for your viewing pleasure.

In this first one, my two boyfriends (RDJ and John Cusack*) come together!

*I've forgiven John for hitting on Ricki Lake, since that was almost a year ago and I haven't heard anything about them since then. Oh my god, I just had a thought: they better not be keeping their relationship low key or any funny business like that. I SWEAR TO GOD IF THEY GET MARRIED I WILL FLIP OUT. I think I need to establish that I don't have anything against John getting married in general; I have a problem with him marrying HER. Did I ever tell you guys that I saw her at a yogurt-shop and she was making a big scene out of her friend still being on Weight Watchers but she wasn't? Her friend wanted the sugar-free frozen yogurt, and Ricki was like, "Oh, you're still counting points?" so the whole room could hear. "I am so over that." Celebrity women are always manipulating the conversation so they can start talking about one of three things: 1. they never diet, and yet have always been a size 2, just like they were when they were 17! Ricki obviously couldn't say that, so it was obviously a segue into 2. they just started a very obscure diet, or 3. their new project (which is always either a book [A BOOK!!!!! As though any of them were halfway literate], a movie about their lives, or something directed by Charlie Kaufman). ANYWAY...

What a classy broad. At the end when they miss the high five, that interviewer probably feels like an ass, but RDJ makes him look okay. MAN. I want that quality. Usually when someone embarrasses themselves in front of me, I'm like, "oh, that's unfortunate, what you did just there. You must feel really silly!" And then I feel bad. And it shows all over my face. And then I say, "WELL, THIS IS AWKWARD!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!"

You know, I was on the fence about this before, because of his past and all, and the fact that he has a wife and a kid and stuff, but I just decided. I would ROCK RDJ's WORLD.

I just bitched at Kyle for not responding to me teasing him, and he told me that he has to brush off half the things I say, because if he responded to every shitty thing I ever said to him, "we would never have conversations, it would just be stimulus, response, stimulus, response, like poking a fucking slug on the ground, with a STICK." And then I laughed my head off.


Anonymous said...

I don't think John hit on Rikki. She hit on him and he tried to remain polite.

I seriously doubt they'd ever get married. He's been dating someone else for about 5 years now and she might not like if he married some random talk show host.

Priya said...

Hi, anon. I'm relieved to hear that. The article to which I'm referring said that they were "nose to nose" all night at some bar. Yeah, that's how disappointed I was: a year later I can quote the article verbatim.
So...I thought that the quotation meant that he was at least reciprocating in kind to her advances.
I hope his real girlfriend is cool!