Friday, October 24, 2008

Against all better judgement, I'll be drinking Anheuser Busch tonight.

Does Anheuser Busch make Stella? KIDDING. They make Coors! Obvs!


Caroline said...

I love this. It gave me chills. Not because of the great message about need for change and the importance of voting and all that, dontcha know, but because of the awesome flashback to those "wazzup" commercials.

Just kidding! I voted for change last Wednesday!

L said...

I mean, if they really wanted to "go there" in terms of showing how everyone's worse off, why didn't they involve the other guy from the original commercials who's in jail for the murder of his gf?


Priya said...

Hah. Everyone's in jail for murdering their gf these days. The Arab guy from 40-year-old Virgin who isn't Mooj stabbed his girlfriend like forty times (she didn't die though)! Isn't that insane!?