Wednesday, November 12, 2008


God. My parents are turning into my grandparents. It's not even funny. The other day the three of us were watching The Office and I said something about one of the older characters being "like, a hundred years old," when he was really only about 50. My mom looked over at me and jokingly said, "so your parents are a hundred years old?" And I said, "YEAH." My dad piped in and said, "we're 100 when you put our ages together." Mom laughed and said, "...Oh my god. We are. We're a hundred." It was hilarious how disturbing this news was to her.

Then, after we finished the episode, they started talking about how they had a picture of me at like 3 months old, sitting on a table during our first Diwali. They were reminiscing about how cute I was (I will concur with them on this point: I was a cute baby. WAY cuter than my brother ever was). And then my dad broke out the photo album and sat down next to me, and my mom sat on my other side, and we looked at naked baby pictures of me for half an hour.

So my question is: What the hell?

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Caroline said...

I think that's adorable. I want to have those nights with my parents. It may be creepy and old in the moment, but I'm sure it will make for fond memories of quality time.