Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Next Step!

I have a better post scheduled to go live later today (Wednesday), but I really wanted to share this with you IMMEDIATELY. I got my Flip camera in the mail today (I ostensibly got it to easily immortalize SXSW in March) and nothing film-worthy happened, so I decided to show you all a tour of my bathroom counter. I am over the moon with this technology, you guys. Mad ups to the Flip people and whoever made Vimeo possible.

I think these new personalized videos will really add another layer of FUCKING AWESOMENESS to this blog. What do you think?

Bathroom from Priya on Vimeo.

Comments about this video:

1. My secret shame: yes, I have 3 pink toothbrushes. I don't know why, it's some Conspiracy Theory type shit where I feel compelled to buy one every once in a while. Every few months I'm forced to go through a toothbrush culling. This will be strange for Kyle to hear, since I used the same toothbrush for two years when I lived with him. And that toothbrush was red (because the brand we use - from Whole Foods, natch - doesn't come in pink). Obviously this is really important to me. First world problems, y'all. The best problems to have.
2. I'm seriously not as fat as I look in this video. I demand that you mentally remove 10 lbs from whatever you can see. Holy crap my hair is so long these days though.
3. PRODUCT ADDICT. I know. The first step is admitting it, the second step is fuck off because I'm not apologizing for this.


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L said...


Priya said...

1. I was counting down to see who was going to make the "OMG you're brown?" comment first. My guess was that it was going to be either you or Marion.

2. I was going to make a comment about how ridiculously silent I was in this video. I did it sort of self-consciously because I hate the sound of my own voice, and also because I had a sort of half-cocked idea to put the video to music later...and then I forgot about the music because I was so excited and just posted the silent movie the way it is. Hahaha.

Priya said...

Oh, not to mention the fact that I, uh, actually don't know how to set the video to music in the first place. BABY STEPS!

Rolling Meme said...

Is it just me or did anyone totally expect the video to cut to Priya fucking butchering someone while being just as silent?

Is that just me?


But yeah, keep posting videos exactly like this but with other rooms of your house.

Priya said...

Oh my god, John. I just tried to read this comment aloud to Kyle and I seriously could not stop laughing long enough to get it out.