Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fashion Victim

I think I've already gone on record with my disgust with toques (otherwise known as...*shudder*...beanies). I am categorically against them. There is just nothing awesome about them, and I won't be caught dead wearing one. They make your hair go flat and static-y, the scratchy wool makes your forehead itch, and they also have the additional horrific effect of making you look like your primary source of nutrition can be found in a dumpster. And yet...Burberry Prorsum - whose collections I usually adore - has seen fit to foist them upon us for Fall/Winter 2009.

Seriously, I see enough of this shit every winter without the added fashion pressure. Usually it takes a season or two for trends to trickle down (see: opaque tights, colour-on-colour, berry shades, grey) to normal consumers, but I can totally see this happening on a mass scale immediately.

Which, of course, fucking sucks.

Upon further reflection, this may be some kind of effort on Christopher Bailey's part to keep up with Alexander Wang's fantastic post-apocalyptic show. But he should not. Just...no.

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