Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just got back from watching Quantum of Solace (for the second time) with my dad - Marion and I saw it sometime last week and liked it. It was pretty good. A lot of people said it was kind of like a forgettable fourth Bourne movie, and to them I say PSHAW because at what point does Jason Bourne walk around in tight, deliciously close-cut, almost legging-esque in their clingability pants? NEVER. Also the girls are hotter, albeit more by way of blackface - I'm looking at you, Olga - than acting ability (not counting Julia Stiles, whom I'll always love unquestioningly).

On a completely divergent note, here's a clip of Stephen Colbert being awesome! From the costume and set I'll hazard a guess that he's cutting up while shooting Strangers With Candy. I personally love the head tossing towards the end. You'll see.

I guess I might as well admit that - due, I think, to all those years spent at WASPy private schools in my youth - I have a particular fondness for men flinging themselves around to the tunes which Angels sing.

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