Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Result Maps

One of the most aggravating things about CNN's coverage of last night's events was the fucking 3D displays, holographs, and randomly coloured maps. When I'm Queen of the World, I pledge that I will put an end to all unnecessarily cool displays in news reports. Though...holographs. That is pretty fucking sweet.

Check out Michigan. I can make it bounce!

Speaking of unnecessary, Michael Crighton died today, at age 66. That is kind of a good thing and a bad thing. It's a bad thing because I will sorely miss the man who created my favourite dinosaur-based adventure franchise, but it's a good thing because I'm not sure the world needed more melodramatic pseudoscience novels. I'm also glad that he didn't live to see Jurassic Park 4. That shit is uncalled for.

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