Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Update: Stupid Edition

Okay. I am officially out of things to talk about, so I'm just going to go over what I did this weekend, day by day, and that way I'm sure to fill up at least three paragraphs of material (boring though that material may be), and therefore fulfill my NaBloPoMo requirements. Ready? Let's go!


Went to class (nothing special). Lauren and John were in town from Austin - house-sitting while Lauren's parents were gone somewhere - so Marion and I went and ate dinner with them at Mayuri, which was awesome as usual. Then I went home and fell asleep.


Went to class (still nothing special). Went home and lounged around. Marion and I went to Lauren's house and watched Black Sheep with her and John. Black Sheep is a horror movie about zombie sheep, and it was incredible. The production values were INSANE for a movie as crappy as that. It was recommended to us by the Hot Asshole waiter at Brazil, so we're going to go back there at some point and tell him we saw it and hopefully get him to talk to us some more. After Black Sheep we ate sushi, which was delicious, and went to Shadwell Wake, which I think I wrote about last night. It turned out to be an alright time. There was a band playing that was SUPER COOL but I didn't get the name, so I'll have to find out. Imagine Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, but drunk on moonshine in Louisiana in the 1900s, and you'll have this band. One of the guys played a solo on a fucking SAW with a BOW. That is some rock n' roll from the boonies, you guys. I drank two glasses of wine there, didn't see anyone I went there to see (namely some profs and a fun guy from both of my English classes), and went home to pass out by midnight.


Marion and I woke up at 10 and went to play Cranium at Lauren's with her and John. John and Marion won, Lauren and I came in a close second (ha ha). Then we went to lunch and had Chinese food, and then we came home and played Little Big Planet, which was really fun until someone taught Marion how to slap - after which she just followed me around and knocked me over while I was trying to complete the missions. THEN I came home and got dressed for a birthday party, which I think I was invited to by mistake, drank two vodka gimlets, and now I'm here (at home). I felt like a fucking lush because people were like, "what are you drinking?" and when I told them they asked to have a taste (this happened about 4 times), and I obliged, and then they were all, like, "so you're a drinker then." WTF? Apparently they all thought my drink was insanely strong and were very impressed with me, which is beyond hilarious, and also kind of distressing because I was happy that the bartender had made my drink so weak. As I was driving home I was overcome with the urge to stop at McDonald's and eat like forty chicken mcnuggets but I resisted. So I'm starving. But drunk. And it's 11:15, so...I'm lame.

I am a participant in NaBloPoMo 2008. Post every day in November. That's all you have to do.

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