Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Cheer

Alright you guys: I just read a post on Dad Gone Mad (no, I still haven't figured out what the fuck is up with my links - John? Lauren? A little help here? - but you can see the post here: that really motivated me to start being more active in my blogging life.

Danny, the author of Dad Gone Mad, wrote about Operation: Comment Your Balls/Boobs Off! (Depending On Your Gender), which is something he invented to make everyone feel better about how shitty everything is right now. The Operation is where you go and comment your balls or your boobs off at the blogs you read, through January 1st, 2009. The point is to spread a little cheer in these difficult times, because, as Danny said, the currency of blogging is Comments. When you comment on someone's blog - especially if that someone is blogging for an audience of five (like,!) - you can brighten their day more than you know. Every time one of you guys posts here it's like a little point of light in my soul, making me toasty inside. Spread the toasty.

And comment here, too, of course. Always comment here. I know I've been crapping out on meaningful shit to say here lately, but I promise I will do my part if you do yours.

By the way, I just installed some statcounter code in my template so I know you're all lurking out there. Or the same five of you are visiting four to ten times a day each and I sincerely doubt that. Even if there is just a rogue sixth out there, make yourself known! Or I'll fucking piss in your eggnog.

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