Monday, December 8, 2008

Little Photoshop of Horrors

You guys, I was just jacking around on the internet and I found this picture of Paris Hilton. I would love to stay and talk about this, but I just wasted 9 hours watching Dexter, I have two papers due tomorrow (one of which I haven't, um...started), and I'd like to get to bed before 3 tonight. So I will just have to dump this trash on you and run away screaming into the night, towards a paper about a Gender Studies examination of The Great Gatsby. Ah, college. Here we go:

Okay, I'll make JUST ONE COMMENT: I'm pretty sure they photoshopped that cameltoe into the picture. That makes no sense. That can't possibly be what happened. And do you look at a picture of Paris Hilton without first checking to see if her vagina's hanging out? Someone definitely did this deliberately. And that makes me sad.

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