Monday, December 1, 2008

Sicky Baby Exhaustion

You guys! I don't have a lot of time so I'm going to do this one all numbered-paragraph style.

1. I actually fucking managed to complete NaBloPoMo this year and it wasn't the back-breaking struggle of dragging a donkey uphill like it was last year! That's fucking incredible. And I'm super-stoked on myself for having managed it.

2. I did my fool-proof method for breaking a fever after I posted yesterday and the fever totally broke! Then I completed the second step (a shower) this morning, and I feel exactly 95% better than I did last night (my throat feels a little sore still)! HAHA suck on that, haters!

3. Holy shit it's December! Finals start next week, and that makes me feel a little queasy. On the 5th, Kyle and I will be celebrating our FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Also, I guess this means I'm no longer "ahead of schedule" with my Christmas presents. Now I'm just "a little behind schedule" like everyone else.

4. Thanksgiving break is over, which means that I have to go back to classes today. I can hardly believe it. I pretty much spent the entire break either mind-erasingly drunk or hung over, and I guess I'm glad I got to experience that, in a "good old college days" kind of way, but...fuck. I'm not going to do it ANY MORE. I'm pretty sure all that alcohol was the reason I was sick last night, and also, staying out till 5AM four nights this week basically screwed with my sleep-schedule so thoroughly that if I hadn't been sick last night and gone to bed early, I would have slept right through my classes today and the very thought makes me nervous.

And on that note, I should go get ready for class (ie. put some pants on and find my economics textbook). Remember to check my Twitter page for ongoing commentary on how little I missed hanging out with all the fucking freshmen in my Econ class.

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